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Field Protective Coating Services

SLE offers broad site painting and blasting expertise that include field protective coating, wet blasting and lining applications. We are also well versed in a variety of coating and spraying specialties such as Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating (TSA) that help yield economic and operational benefits for local plant owners. By working closely with our clients, we identify and utilize the right industry grade paint, grit and blast materials to help our clients achieve optimal cost efficiencies.  

Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating (TSA)

Thermal spray aluminum coating is a cost effective solution used by local oil and gas refineries to achieve structural, pipe and surface corrsion protection. Industry grade coating materials are first heated and melted before they are applied to the pipe surfaces via TSA flamespray equipment. 


SLE provides the neccessary expertise, manpower and equipment to perform field end to end TSA works in an economical fashion. This includes pre-TSA application surface preparation in the form of grit blasting using garnet to ensure chemical bonding of the applied TSA.  

Surface Cleaning, Blasting and Coating For Storage Tanks and Plant Structures

SLE also offers the full comprehensive suite of surface cleaning, blasting and coating services to oil and gas operators. They include solvent cleaning services, as well as abrasive wet and dry blasting options.  Given that storage capacity limitations remains one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by refinery operators, we can help reduce costly down-times of tank rehabilitation efforts by utilizing semi-automated mechanized cleaning and blasting equipment to perform the works.

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