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At SLE, we want you to know how important culture and team fit are to our success. Our selection process will help us both assess if we fit together and whether you’re likely to succeed at SLE.

We are consistently looking for talented individuals with complimentary skill-sets to join our ranks. Here are some of the criteria which we ask you to meet. If you do see eye to eye with these core principles, you can be assured that you'll be working with like-minded individuals who share them.


It is imperative that you have a clear sense of personal and professional integrity. Here at SLE, accountability matters and we believe that by doing the right thing we'd build long lasting and trusting relationships.


We seek individuals who can demonstrate a sense of respect to his or her working peers and client counterparts. Respect can be demonstrated through listening, collaborating - welcoming people from different backgrounds.


We consistently look for individuals who consistently strive to improve themselves personally and professionally while taking that extra mile to doing the job well and with pride. 


We believe in creating the best working environment through mentor-ship and coaching. We ask that candidates partake in helping one another learn the ropes and uplifting new employees integrate into the SLE family.

If you strongly align well with these company core principles, check out and apply to the listed full-time and internship opportunities with us. We would love to talk to you.

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