Valuing Everyone's Safety As One Family

Observance of safe work practices is a fundamental commitment of our company — a commitment we expect from every employee.


Here at SLE, we deeply believe that safety is not only a priority, it is at the core of our values. We strive for an incident free work environment for our employees by setting and enforcing high safety standards, rules, processes, and procedures.


We genuinely care about the safety and well-being of our employees, on and off the job. We affirm our pledge to achieve the Company's safety mission - “VALUING EVERYONE’S SAFETY AS ONE FAMILY”.

To achieve this purpose, Shing Leck promotes the following core safety values:

Sharing Success – We celebrate both individual achievements and accolades given to the company as one team.


Leadership by Example – We lead by action and not just talk and rhetoric.


Embracing Positive Change - We are receptive to constructive feedback and constantly striving to do better than before.

We acknowledge that achieving our goal for a safe work environment demands the full involvement and support from all its employees, contractors and suppliers. This is achieved through genuine care for each other and inculcating a healthy and responsible lifestyle at all times.