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Scaffold Construction

In 2013, SLE broadened its service capabilities by establishing a scaffolding division to offer best in class scaffolding services to the local process industry. Since then, we have successfully deployed our scaffold resources and expertise on the ground in numerous support maintenance, construction and repair projects.


Our clients regularly trust us to provide world-class scaffolding and temporary works platform solutions. As the access specialist, SLE offers competitive, safe and professional scaffold systems to meet our client needs.


All scaffold erections are carefully planned to engineer away the risks that are associated with elevated works.  are delivered with quality materials that meet the highest international standards for safety and reliability.

Approved Scaffold Contractor

SLE is proud to to be recognized by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower as an Approved Scaffold Contractor (ASC) for meeting the highest and most stringent scaffold Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) regulations imposed by the relavant government bodies.

Key Scaffold Accomplishments

Year: 2014

Nature of Work: Outside Battery Limit Mechanical and Scaffold Works

Scaffold Volume30,000 Cubic Meters
Description: End to end pipe construction and scaffold works of more than 15,000 dia-inches

Year: 2014 - 2015

Nature of Work: Turnkey Project Construction

Scaffold Volume12,000 Cubic Meters

Description: Scaffold materials were carefully constructed from inland tank farms to berth area of the plant, navigating through a myriad of “live” plant equipment.

Year: 2015

Nature of Work: Turnaround/Plant Shutdown

Scaffold Volume20,000 Cubic Metres of scaffold materials erected to augment mechanical site works

Elevation: More than 100 meters to enable Flare Tip replacement.

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