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We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results.

Piping And Steel Structure Fabrication, Erection and Fabrication

From an economical and logistical perspective, pipeline transportation currently remains as the per-eminent way of transporting minerals and goods. 


Given that refineries are often operating at full capacity to receive raw minerals, refine them at clock-work speed, and distribute the final product across different locations, an intricate web of pipelines, often comprising of legacy and new racks, are constructed within premium space constraints.


SLE has the history and deep engineering expertise to plan, execute and deliver large scale pipe and structure replacement projects. Together, our experienced and dedicated professionals work hand in hand with plant owners to meet their operational and strategic goals.

Storage Tank Repairs and Tank Farm Maintenance

Asia and the broader Middle East Market are the midst of a energy renaissance. As there are little signs of global oil and gas production coming to a slow-down, the eastern world has seen an abundance of supply and increased need for storage space. Seeing this trend, local refineries in recent times have intensified their tank rehabilitation and construction initiatives.

Here at SLE, we stand ready and committed towards providing a full range of tank rehabilitation services, ranging from tank maintenance works to full scale tank demolition and construction. We bolster a right blend of engineers, front line supervisors and skilled tank specialists that are fully capable of delivering work in excellence. 

Good quality work with very little rework. Experienced team that requires little coaching and acts on feedback. Team leadership's close monitoring on-site aided in improving productivity performance. Above expectations, this event SLE team outperformed other contractors. Act on previous TA event learnings and aid in material management.

SLE taking ownership of company safety performance and looking for opportunities for improvement, 9/10 overall quality performance. Motivating employees to adopt a safety mindset and take care of themselves. Ownership of productivity. SLE outperforms expectations by using collected data to drive productivity and invest in mechanism tools. Opportunity to take more initiative in holding others accountable to discuss improvement areas (for example, the client's barrier).

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