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Painting Coordinator

Job Level:Executive E2

Department: Painting

Location: Refinery and Chemical Plants

Working Relationships

  • Reporting to: Business Development Manager

  • Functional Peers: Painting Supervisors, Painters and Drivers

  • Direct Subordinates: Painting Supervisors and Painters

Job Scope​

  • To be responsible for on-time and safe completion of painting work assigned to his team at work sites in compliance with Company’s and client’s requirements.

  • To ensure manpower and resource planning and utilization yield productivity targets.

  • To be responsible for the training, coaching and safety of Painting Department’s workers at work sites.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all painters adhere to all the safety rules of the Company and the client’s at all times.

  • Ensures that painting worksites are safe for all workers to work in.

  • Supervises the execution of painting work performed by designated workers to ensure quality and timeliness while securing control and storage of painting materials.

  • Liaises with designated work permit applicants to ensure the timely application and collection of work permits as per work requirements.

  • Plans and decides on the use of materials on site as project requirements to ensure optimized usage and reduced wastage.

  • Strategically deploy workers according to their strengths and compatibility.

  • Liaises with Safety Department on observations done or received to ensure Company and client’s stringent safety protocols are adhered to at all times.

  • Develops key documentation such as Method Statements, Inspection Test Plan (ITP), Rik Assessment (RA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), etc as and when required.

  • Trains and coaches painting personnel with work improvement methods that align with industry best practices.

  • Liaises with Company’s designated project managers and planners on manpower deployment to optimize workforce utilization.

  • Identifies, calculates and implements manpower requirements according to site work done.

  • Coordinates painting equipment to be sent for servicing.

  • Actively updates management with work status on site.

  • Assists with the cross-deployment of manpower resources to the Company’s other divisions and other projects.

  • Leads, supervises, motivates, trains and develops junior staff so that they have the required competencies to carry out their jobs and meet targets/goals.


Qualifications / Experience Required

  • Minimum 3 years of painting supervisory experience at work sites.

  • Hands-on exposure in petrochemical process industry would be an asset.

  • Minimum a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. 

Authority Level

  • To enforce compliance the Company’s and client’s WSHE rules and procedures.

  • To enforce stop work orders when unsafe work practices and behaviours are spotted.

  • To deploy Painting Department workers according to management instructions.


Key Deliverables/KPIs

  • Safe operations and procedures in painting jobs.

  • Painting work is done in compliance with Company’s and client’s specifications.

  • Ensuring all painting equipment items are sent for servicing as per planned schedule.

  • Timely completion of all painting work.

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