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Teaming, Winning

Mechanical Engineer

Tell us about yourself


​Hi! My name is Alex Chai. A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Technology (PETRONAS), I joined SLE in 2016 after having worked two years working in the upstream oil sector.  

Why SLE?


​I joined SLE seeking to up-level myself as a Mechanical Engineer by being in the thick of the action. From day one, I was assigned to my current operations manager who mentored and coached me patiently so that I could excel at my work.


The family spirit here at Shing Leck is apparent where, day in day out, I belong to a team that values employee safety, security and well-being above all else. Every employee looks out for one another on the field. In addition, I have been provided with a tremendous amount of support from experienced colleagues and peers with my work. This is what makes SLE a great place to work.


What projects have you been involved with so far?


​As lead fabrication coordinator, my primary role at SLE is to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of the Company's workshop fabrication area through automation and observation. In addition, I am currently assigned to perform manpower planning and prepare job method statements for a multi-million dollar piping replacement project, giving me numerous opportunities to have client interfaces on the ground.

Joining SLE at this juncture of my career was the right move. I look forward to continuing this growth journey in the foreseeable future.


NTU Intern

Tell us about yourself

I am Lee Jia Zhe Christopher , a third year Mechanical student from NTU, Nanyang Technological University. 

Why SLE?


I joined SLE seeking to broaden my practical knowledge in the local Oil and Gas industry. Needless to say, over the last couple of months, I was exposed to SLE's operational setup by being on the field learning and doing.  

What did I enjoy most during my internship?

I enjoyed the time I spent with the team and the exposure I get. My supervisor and mentor gave me a lot of support by clearing my doubts and sharing their valuable knowledge. In addtion, I was involved in the planning and designing process for numerous projects that the Company was handling on a daily basis. I must also thank my supervisors, Mr M.Panchanathan, and Mr Felix Leong, for their mentorship throughout my time at SLE.

What was the most valuable takeaway you got from your internship at SLE?


Here at SLE, safety is the number one priority and it starts from oneself. Through my time at the company, I participated weekly safety meetings and observed how they were carried out. It also made me realize that safety cannot be compromised and how little mistakes can lead to serious repercussions. There is no compromise here at SLE when it comes to safety!

Lastly, these exposures will definitely aid me in making decisions and planning as a future Planner / Engineer. I will definitely recommend my juniors to come Shing Leck Engineering where they will be able to gain many exposures and get value added.

Think SAFE, Act SAFE, Be SAFE. 

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