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At The Heart of Everything We Do

At Shing Leck, we believe that people are the most important asset in the organization. That is why we go to far lengths to nurture our people professionally. At SLE, we are committed to your professional growth and career aspirations.

When you join us, you will be at the heart of our organization, playing a vital role in high performing teams that provide the best integrated service offerings to our clients.


Don't just take word for word in what we say. The awards and accreditation that we have received over the last 30 years serves as a strong testament for our work.

In addition, do see what our employees have to say about Shing Leck:

Reach out to us

Alex Chai

Hi! My name is Alex Chai. A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Technology (PETRONAS), I joined SLE in 2016 after having worked two years working in the upstream oil sector.  

​Why SLE?

I joined SLE seeking to up-level myself as a Mechanical Engineer by being in the thick of the action. From day one, I was assigned to my current operations manager who mentored and coached me patiently...

Lee Jia Zhe, Christopher

I am Lee Jia Zhe Christopher , a third year Mechanical student from NTU, Nanyang Technological University. 

Why SLE?

I joined SLE seeking to broaden my practical knowledge in the local Oil and Gas industry. Needless to say, over the last couple of months, I was exposed to SLE's operational setup...

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